A little bit of water came out of my Edyn Water Valve after I first set it up. Is this normal?




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    It appears that the valve on my unit is not closing completely. A small amount of water is leaking through the valve at all times. Is there a way to reset the valve?

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    Jason Aramburu

    Hello Dave, triple-tapping the valve's sync button will open the valve for 60 minutes. A single tap will close the valve. Please cycle it a few times to check if it is closing correctly. If the valve does not fully close, there are three possibilities:

    1) The valve has been installed backwards. Please confirm that your water source is connected to the female end of the Edyn Water Valve.

    2) Your water pressure is above or below the stated operating range for the valve (10-80psi). In this case, we recommend adjusting the water pressure at your spigot and cycling the valve until the proper pressure range is determined.

    3) The valve's internal solenoid has become clogged with debris from your hose or water supply and cannot fully close. If after trying steps 1 and 2, you believe you may have debris in your system, please contact support@edyn.com

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    Thanks, Jason. Cycling it a few times did the trick. Really enjoying the way both devices work together and the frequency of updates to the app. Nice job.

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